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Jos Mark 200Jos Reilly from Ireland needs no introduction and only buys the best regardless of cost. Jos is always on the lookout for something special and has once again gone for the best, in fact he was the under bidder with 60,000 Euros on a very special pigeon by the name of Birdy (DV07-900-06503). Birdy was eventually purchased by Jan Hooymans for 61,000 Euros at the total aucton of Mark Kitchenbrand from South Africa. Jos was fortunate enough to purchase direct children from Birdy and is now offering for auction five double grandchildren of this wonder pigeon.

Auction Starts 14th November - Ends 24th November

Birdy is the best racer in the history of the South Africa Million Dollar One Loft Race winning, 
Hot Spot Averages by no less than 12 minutes, the Grand Averages by no less than 1½ hours. 
26th Position Training Race against a field of 3,821 birds 
10 x within the top 32 positions of the 24 published flights of the SAMDPR Series 
13th, 14th, 15th, 114th and 310th on the five longer Hot Spot races 
1st Car Race Ave 2008 10th Position in the final race against 2,866 birds from 552 km in a 9 hour flight with soaring temperatures of 35 °C (94.28 °F). 
SAMDPR 2008 Knock-Out Competition Champion, 
Grand Average Ace Pigeon, 
Hot Spot Average Ace Pigeon & subsequently the best performing pigeon ever entered in the 20 year history of the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race.

The first 6 birds bred from Birdy all bred multiple 1st prize winners incl a car winner in One Loft Racing The Birdy bloodline has also proved to be world class especially in One Loft races and has found success in South Africa, China, USA, Germany, Australia, Inc. 
1st Nat Aces, 15 x 1st Prizes, 
1st Fed/ 1st State Champion 2012/ 2013 Canadian Int Wheatland - World quality One Loft Race. 
A sister to Birdy (The 863) is the g.dam of 
4th prize in the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2012. 
The 863 bred Playboy winner of 
1st Nat Poitiers 9,325 birds in 2011 & 1st Ace Fed Young Bird. 
The 200, a sister to Birdy bred Mark winner of 
32nd Bourges 13,673 birds & 35th Poitiers 9,325 birds 
A full sister of BirdyQueen Elizabeth, bred Superman winner of 
Ace Pigeon Union Short Distance and All Round Ace Pigeon against 180 Members in 2013. 
The list goes on and on.

These birds are very rare and highly sort after especially by the One Loft Race enthusiasts for their ability to come to the front in the big event winning thousands of pounds in prize money.

Birdy best racer in the history of the SCMDPR
& purchased by Mark Kitchenbrand after the final race in 2008 for $100,000.
Jan Hooymans purchased Birdy for 61,000 Euros at the total auction of Mark Kitchenbrand.
Birdy has been paired to a number of children of the world famous stock pair Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje, including Harry and James Bond.
Jan Hooymans will be competing in One Loft Races with youngsters from these pairings.

Cut The Cutness Birdy

BE15 4268160

Bred in the Purple BELG 15 4268160

Zander Birdy 3


Below are 6 double grandchildren of Birdy x Zander & Birdy x Cut The Cuteness.

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