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Premier Stud Landing Page 27th Aug 2020

Premier Stud Landing Page Two 27th Aug 2020

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These are birds breeding winners right now and over the last three weeks alone the following young bird winners have been reported

Lot 33. Bred 1st Federation Marlborough
Lot 6. Bred 1st Club For Andy Kay
Lot 16. Bred 2nd Club For Andy Kay
Lot 7. Bred 1st Club
Lot 23. Bred 1st Club 14th Fed Swindon 2,674 birds
Lot 22. Bred 1st Club 14th Fed Swindon
Lot 11. Bred 2nd Club 15th Fed
Lot 27. Bred 2nd Club 15th Fed

As a rule only 1st Federation winners are updated to my pedigree system
so many top results bred down from these great birds go unrecorded.

Sex of birds believed to be correct but not guaranteed.


Before placing a bid please check that you are on the correct lot as bids cannot be removed afterwards. 

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Ended on: 06/09/20
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