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Little Miss Truke (H)


Sire h/brother to King & Queen Of Rekkem & Franske winner of 1st Wijchen 4,127b, 2nd Wijchen 3,776b. Sire son of ace producers Frans x Truke. Dam h/sister to Prince of Rekkem Winner of 2nd NPO Rekkem 19,409b & dtr of the super producer Young Euo 1

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Sire; NL09-1695603

Frans Le Truke

Frans Zwols

H/brother to King Of Rekkem & Queen of Rekkem

King of Rekkem winner of

1st NPO Rekkem 19,409 birds 2010

2nd Boxtel 11,887 birds

7th Duffel afd. 19,476 birds 2010

19th Arras 7,781 birds

22nd Boxtel 9,525 birds

Queen of Rekkem winner of

3rd NPO Rekkem 2010 19.409b

6th Arras 11.192b

10th Gennep 9.717b

39th Boxtel 11.427b

Another h/brother (NL10-1135083) is sire of

1st Club 1st Fed from the hardest race in 2012.

1st Club 1st Fed 2013

1st Amal 4,000birds 2015

3 x 1st Federation in 2015

Bird of the year

1st Yelverton 130 birds

1st Federation 1,410 birds

1st Guernsey 56 birds

4th Federation 373 birds

1st Kingsdown 91 birds

17th Federation 668 birds

1st Honerton 86 birds

37th Federation 1,740 birds etc

G.Sire; NL03-1631575



Jan Granzeveld

Outstanding breeder and sire of

Franske super racer for Geert Munnik N.L

Franske winner of

2nd Ace Pigeon Rayon 3

9th Ace Pigeon Afdeling 10

1st Wijchen 4,127b

2nd Wijchen 3,776b

3rd Niergnies 1,670b

3rd Boxtel 1,735b

4th Hasselt 3,180b

4th Nijvel 1,791b

5th Wijchen 2,375b

5th Wijchen 17,042b

8th Wijchen 19,936b

9th Strepy/Thieu 1,966b

Frans is also (g)father to

75 x 1st prize winners incl

2nd Duffel 18.613b

1st NPO Rekkem 19,409b

3rd NPO Rekkem 19,409b

1st Hereten 10,944b

2nd Boxtel 11,887b

1st Gennep 3,048b

1st Arras 1,414b

Frans sire of King of Rekkem, Queen of Rekkem

& ace producer NL10-1135083

G.G.Sire; NL02-1109558

Inteelt Smeulders


Inbred to the Golden Smeulders-Janssen

Smeulders Golden Couple are parents to

18 x 1st prize winners including

1st from 4,726 birds
1st from 4,882 birds
1st from 2,900 birds
1st from 701 birds
1st from 821 birds
1st from 520 birds

G.sire of Franske

G.G.Dam; NL00-1101692

Kld Rocky


G.dtr of Rocky 83 & Wonderboy 05

Rocky 83 winner of

1stAce Pigeon Netherlands 1985
1st Apeldoorn 3,807 birds
3rd Ede 2,728 birds
1st Maastricht 1,064 birds
2nd Maastricht 1,009 birds
31st Apeldoorn 3,590 birds
12th Maastricht 762 birds

Descendants to Rocky are winners

of the following prizes:

1st Bourges against 13,673 pigeons

1st Duffel against 5,614 pigeons

1st Peronne against 4,770 pigeons

1st Epehy against 3,288 pigeons

1st Nanteuil against 2,882 pigeons

1st Peronne against 2,396 pigeons

1st Fulesd against 1,615 pigeons

1st Charleville against 1,142 pigeons

1st Nat Acepigeon Croatia Short Distance

1st Provincial Acepigeon Section 11 Short Distance

1st Arriving pigeon High Desert Classic One Loft race

Wonderboy 05 winner of

2nd Nat Ace Pigeon WHZB 1990

1st Houdeng 3,944b

1st P.S. Maxence 7,428b

G.Dam; NL03-1737679



Super breeding hen and dam of

11 x 1st Club.

1st Heteren 10,944 birds

3rd Pommeroe 3,078 birds

4th Pommeroe 12,036 birds

4th Boxtel 9,525 birds

5th Lommel 2,405 birds

6th Lommel 2,405 birds

7th Arras 5,912 birds

Truke is dam of

Tip Top Hen fantastic breeding hen and responsible

For 37 x 1st Federation

52 x Joint 1st Federation winners and a staggering

62 Open SNFC Diplomas from 266 - 445 miles

from up to 6,065 birds.

Truke g.dtr of Boy x Queen

G.G.Sire;  NL99-1576501

Blue Prince

Son of Boy x Queen and

Brother of Lover Boy and Game Boy

Lover Boy winner of

1st World Champion Versele-Laga

Game Boy fantastic racer especially as a young bird

winner of

2nd best young bird National WHZB 2001.

Qualified for the Western European National cup

in the category Short-distance.

His wins include

1st Beek 3.935b

4th Hasselt 12.302b,

4th Hasselt 6.152b,

10th Maaseik 6.926b

18th Boxtel 13.496b

27th Chimay 2,674b

Game Boy is a direct son of the legendary

Love Pair Boy x Queen responsible for a dynasty

of Top winning pigeons.

G.G.Dam; NL99-1612926

Dutch Princess

Responsible for a dynasty of winners including

2nd Nat Le Ferte Bernard 12,000 birds

1st NPO Morlincourt 7,800 birds

2nd from 13,767 birds

1st from 4,887 birds

6th prov. Maaseik 15,139 birds

8th Gennep 2,824 birds

8th Hapert 1,347 birds

4th NPO Nivelles 14,885 birds

5th prov. Pommereoul 18,805 birds Etc

Dam; NL13-1676673

Euro 673

Frans Zwols

H/sister to sire of

1st Guernsey 123b, 1st Fed 419b

5th N S Edre 44b, 29th Fed 550b

4th Exeter 108b, 26th Fed 772b

4th Messac 105b, 24th Fed

Euro 673 h/sister to

Prince of Rekkem Winner of

2nd NPO Rekkem 19,409 birds

G.Sire;  NL08-2067748

Young Euro 1

Bert Berends

Sire of NL12-1100741 (owned by T Adams) who is

the sire of

1st Guernsey 123b

1st Fed 419b

5th N S Edre 44b

29th Fed 550b

4th Exeter 108b

26th Fed 772b

4th Messac 105b

24th Fed

Young Euro 1 sire, g.sire of

2nd NPO Rekkem 19.409b

3rd NPO Stquen 7.567b

3rd Ravenstein 9.166b

8th Boxtel 2,181b

1st Reims 187b

Young Euro 1 sire of

Prince of Rekkem Winner of

2nd NPO Rekkem 19,409 birds

3rd Ravenstel 9,166 birds

15th Boxtel 9,706 birds

18th Lommel 9,059 birds

47th Rekkem 17,429 birds

Young Euro 1 is a half-brother to

Annelinde winner of

2nd Zutphen 23,084b

2nd Arras 6,156b

2nd Gennep 3,567b

22nd Lommel 21,995b

9th Pommeroeu 3,231b

Young Euro 1 is son of

1st NPO Ablis 10,030b & g.son of Den Euro

G.G.Sire; NL02-2254450


Bert Berends

Winner of

1st NPO Ablis 10,030b

1st Sourdun 789b

50th Haasrod 17,214b

95th Boxtel 19,580b

Sire of 1st & 2nd AFD 10

G.G.Dam; Belg06-6405248

Euro Lady

Hermans Ceusters

Mother of Annelinde winner of

The best young pigeon of Holland in 2006

Euro Lady g.dam of

74th Peronne 5,085b

89th Peronne 9,550b

26th Nanteuil 3,850b

84th NPO Nanteuil 5,334b

Euro Lady dtr of Den Euro

G.Dam; NL11-1207571

Dtr Eagle Boy

Frans Zwols

Top stock hen

Dtr of Eagle Boy x Sister 3 Musketeers

G.G.Sire; NL02-2283850

Eagle Boy

Super racer and breeder winner of

1st Maaseik 13,767 birds,

1st Boxtel 9,930 birds,

9th Hassrode 15,066 birds,

9th  Wijchen 13,410 birds

11th Boxtel 12,995 birds

33rd Beek 14,90 birds

47th Beek 14,90 birds

83rd from 20,111 birds.

As a YB & Yearling won

1st Champion Pigeon Samenspel Coevorden

From the fabulous lines of

Boy x Queen, Lowieke, Tip Top

G.G.Dam; NL07-1230199

Sister to the 3 Musketiers

Frans Zwols

Sister to the 3 Musketiers

Dtr of The Musketier Pair

The Musketier pair are (g)parents to

74 x 1st Club

1st Champion Young Birds

2nd Strombeek 19,737b

1st Nat Morlincourt

1st Duffel 19,476b

1st Duffel 16,281b

1st Maaseik 6,926b

1st Strombeek 6,158b

1st Hannut 3,448b

1st Pommeroeu 2,479b

1st Boxtel 2,108b

1st St Quentin 1,509b

1st Pommeroeul 983b

2nd Duffel 20,119b

2nd Wijchen 14,691b etc