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Arnie (C)


H/brother to 1st North West Combine Messac 1,362b. Full sisters have won 1st Fed 895b, 3rd Fed 973b, 8th Fed 1,027b, 9th Fed YB Open 626b, 10th Fed 1,027b. Sire son of Franzz x Young Amy. Dam g.dtr of Francien, Tip Top Jnr, Queen of Rekkem

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Sire; SU11-6390

Franzz Boy

One of the main breeders of the loft

Sire of many winners at two different lofts.

Since being paired to Fantastic Franchesca 

he has bred

1st Sect 402b, 1st Fed 895b 160mls

3rd Sect 437b, 3rd Fed 973b 49mls 

beat by 2 loftmates

8th Sect 411b 8th Fed 1,027b 127mls

beat by 7 loftmates

10th Sect 411b, 10th Fed 1,027b 127mls

beat by 9 loftmates

9th Sect, 9th Open Fed 626b 160mls

Also sire to

1 x 1st Federation

2 x 1st Joint Federation

Nestmate bred

1st Messac 14th Fed 961b

1st Fougeres 27th Fed 1,147b

Franzz Boy h/brother to King, one of the best

breeding sons of Franzz at Kingsway Lofts

King sire of many winners at Club, Fed & Open level incl

Simply The Best winner of

1st UK, 6th Open Internat Final Race 1,339b, 420km

1st UK, 19th Open Internat Semi Final Race 1,469b, 250km

Algarve Great Derby OLR 2017

Wee Franny winner of

13th UK, 150th Open Internat Final Race 3,644b, 505km

Algarve Golden Race OLR 2016

Winner Takes All winner of

344th Open Internat Final Race 3,522b, 505km

Algarve OLR

G.Sire; NL05-1958940


Frans Zwols

Ace racer for Frans Zwols

Winner of 4 x 1st Prizes & many top prizes at Prov level

10th Duffel 12,711b

13th Duffel 12,744b

42nd Boxtel 17,075b

29th Pommeroeu 11,716b

31st Boxtel 11,887b

Franzz responsible for many winners through to

National level including

8 x 1st Federation

26 x 1st Joint Federation 2016-2018

8th Open, 16th Open, 2 x 17th Open, 46th Open,

60th Open, 61st Open, 70th Open, 74th Open,

133rd Open, 148th Open, 158th Open, 160th Open,

174th Open, 183rd Open, 217th Open, 249th Open,

335th Open, 345th Open all in the SNFC up to

445 miles & 6,065b

G.G.Sire; NL00-1238719

Responsible for birds to win

5th Nat Molincourt 3,946b

10th Duffel 12,771b

5th Maaseik 16,166b

25th Beek 14,940b

8th Laon 4,886b

9th Duffel 1,167b

6th Chimay 8,042b

31st Boxtel 9,930b

41st Boxtel 12,995b

G.G.Dam;  NL03-2310348

Kid Boy and Queen

Frans Zwols

G.dtr of Boy x Queen &

Dutch prince x De Diamant

G.Dam; NL07-1230050

Young Amy

Foundation breeder for Kingsway Lofts

Responsible for many Club & Fed winners incl

16th, 2x17th, 26th, 28th, 46th, 70th, 71st, 160th,

165th, 171st, 174th, 183rd, 198th, 217th, 249th,

335th 345th Open Diploma positions with the SNFC.

She is also responsible for

7x1st Fed & 26x1st Joint Fed 2016-2018

Young Amy g.dam of Stan The Man winner of

1st Sect, 2nd Open SNFC Littlehampton
flying 9 hours 58 minutes.

23rd Sect, 112th Open SNFC Buckingham 4,328 birds
308 miles as a yearling.

47th Sect SNFC Buckingham 308 miles as a young bird.

68th Sect, 198th Open SNFC Buckingham 4,170b in 2018

Stan The Man is sire of

1st Sect, 1st Open Fed 517b, 192mls
4th Sect 402b, 4th Fed 895b 160mls
10th Sect 612b, 10th Fed 1,438b, 127mls
5th Sect 350b, 26th Open 1,084b SNFC YB National Buckingham 308mls

G.G.Sire;  NL02-2283801

Chinese Prince

Sire, g.sire of winners inclu

3rd Pommeroeul 11,716b

3rd Duffel 5,732b

1st Pommeroeul 256b

25th Niergnies 14,574b

27th Ciney 13,712b

41st Houdeng 16,689b

1st Houdeng 360b

8th St Ghisla 2,277b

G.G.Dam; NL03-1754999

Little Amy

Sister to the 3 Musketeers

Dtr of the Musketeers Pair who

are responsible for generations of winners incl

74 x 1st Club

1st Champion Young Birds

2nd Strombeek 19,737b

1st Nat Morlincourt

1st Duffel 19,476b

1st Duffel 16,281b

1st Maaseik 6,926b

1st Strombeek 6,158b

1st Hannut 3,448b

1st Pommeroeu 2,479b

1st Boxtel 2,108b

1st St Quentin 1,509b

1st Pommeroeul 983b

2nd Duffel 20,119b

2nd Wijchen 14,691b

Little Amy is winner of

3rd Chantilly 12,329b,

13th Orleans 10,029b

Musketeer 1 is winner of

1st Maasiek 6,226b,

2nd Boxtel 12,595b,

2nd Boxtel 4,571b,

3rd St Quentin 5,071b

Musketeer 2 winner of

2nd Beek 14,940b,

2nd Hannut 12,455b

2nd Maasiek 6926b

Musketeer 3 winner of

2nd Chimay 8,042b

Dam; GB12F44942

Fantastic Franchesca

One of the main breeders of the loft

Dam of winners incl

1st Club, 1st Liverpool Amal

1st North West Combine Messac by 3 clear minutes,

395 miles, 262 members sent 1,362b for Harry Williams Liverpool

Fantastic Franchesca is also dam of

1st Sect 402b, 1st Fed 895b 160mls

3rd Sect 437b, 3rd Fed 973b 49mls 

beat by 2 loftmates

8th Sect 411b 8th Fed 1,027b 127mls

beat by 7 loftmates

10th Sect 411b, 10th Fed 1,027b 127mls

beat by 9 loftmates

9th Sect, 9th Open Fed 626b 160mls

G.Sire; NL11-2024529

Franciens Boy

Frans Zwols

Direct son of

Bold Eagle (Brother Eagle Boy) & the super

breeder Francien

G.G.Sire; NL09-1695803

Bold Eagle

Frans Zwols

Full brother to Eagle Boy, super racer and breeder

Eagle Boy winner of

1st Maaseik 13,767 birds,

1st Boxtel 9,930 birds,

9th Hassrode 15,066 birds,

9th from 13,410 birds

11th Boxtel 12,995 birds

33rd Beek 14,90 birds

47th Beek 14,90 birds

83rd from 20,111 birds.

Bold Eagle g.sire of

1st Guernsey 123b, 1st Fed 419b

5th N S Edre 44b, 29th Fed Edre 550b

4th Exeter 108b, 26th Fed Exeter 772b

4th Messac 105b, 24th Fed Messac

G.G.Dam; NL03-2012776


Super Breeder

Dam, g.dam of

1st Meer 10,253b

1st Hasselt 10,015b

2nd Hasselt 10,015b

1st Hetereb 10,944b

2nd Duffel 18,613b

1st Gennep 3,048b

1st Heteren 4,238b

3rd NPO Arras 9,476b

4th NPo Pomm 11,277b

8th Nat Morlincourt

5th Lommel 12,265b

2nd Open Classic England

1st Zutphen 2,204b

1st Pommeroeuu

11th Strombeek 19,737b

Francien is a granddaughter of

Mr Lover Man & Game Boy

G.Dam; NL11-1207805

Tip Top Rekkem

Frans Zwols

Direct daughter of

Tip Top Junior x Queen of Rekkem

Queen of Rekkem winner of

3rd NPO Rekkem 2010 19.409b

6th Arras 11.192b

10th Gennep 9.717b

G.G.Sire; NL03-1737748

Tip Top Junior

One of the last sons of wonder couple

Tip Top x Zeeuws Girl

Tip Top Junior is sire & grandsire of

13 x 1st Club plus

1st Maaseik 19.916 birds

1st Hasselt 10,015 birds

1st Heteren 10,944 birds

2nd Hasselt 10,015 birds

2nd Duffel 16,281 birds

3rd Duffel 16,281 birds

4th Pmmeroe 12,026 birds

7th Gennep 11,075 birds

9th Boxtel 11,427 birds

10th Boxtel 11,427 birds

1st Lommel 2,540 birds

1st Pmmeroe 3,156 birds

2nd Duffel 2,504 birds

5th Lommel 2,405 birds

6th Lommel 2,405 birds

9th Duffel 19,476 birds

G.G.Dam; NL08-2070768

Queen of Rekkem

3rd NPO Rekkem 2010 19.409b

6th Arras 11.192b

10th Gennep 9.717b

39th Boxtel 11.427b

Full sister to King of Rekkem winner of

1st NPO Rekkem 19,409b 2010

2nd Boxtel 11.887 d.

7th Duffel afd. 19.476b 2010

19th Arras 7.781b

22nd Boxtel 9.525b