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Mighty Emanual (C)


H/sister to 1st Combine Sleaford 2,037b. Son of Olympiade Emma Olympiade Bird Brussels 2017, 2nd Nat Ace YB 2016, 1st Mezirci 2,242b, 1st Humpolec 1,994b. G.son of the super breeders Wild Wind x Euro Lady. Lines of Olympiade 003, De Jan

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28th October 03:55:37 PM

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Rated 10/10
They always do from this super pair
Thats why Premier Stud consider
his father the new Wild Wind



Sire; GB15P30852

Mighty Wind

Premier Stud

Always Stock

Sire, g.sire of many winners incl sire of

The Wind of Change winner of

1st Combine Sleaford 2,037b

Every bird ever raced from Mighty Wind

has won, possibly the next Wild Wind!

Full brother to Handsome Son Winner of

many prizes incl

1st Boston 310b

1st Boston 204b

1st Boston 138b

8th Combine Sleaford 2,940b

Handsome Son sire of winners incl

Channel Winds winner of 18 prizes as a

YB & yearling incl 3x1st &

1st Combine Boves France 285 miles 1,005b

Suken winner of

1st Club, 1st Sect in 2018

Halls Hammer winner of

5x1st prizes

Twice 1st Fed & Fed Bird Of The Year 2018

Also a contender for NEHU Bird Of The Year 2018

Mighty Wind is a son of the special pairing

Wild Wind x Euro Lady

G.Sire; Belg06-6410688

Wild Wind

Heremans- Ceuster

Super Breeder of over 100 winners in

8 generations.

This sensational full brother of Den Euro is the number one Heremans breeder in the U.K!

Wild Wind is the grandsire to

Better Than Bolt Winner of 14 x 1st on

14 separate Saturdays inc

1st Club 1st Fed Billericay 1,385b 154 Miles

1st Club 1st Fed Reed 2,400b 122 Miles

1st Club 1st Fed Billericay 1,339b 154 Miles

1st Club 1st Fed Billericay 1,202b 154 Miles

1st Club 3rd Fed Maidstone 1,405b 183 Miles

1st Club 4th Fed Reed 1,863b 122 Miles

1st Club 5th Fed Billericay 154b Miles

1st Club 5th Fed Billericay 1,214b 154 Miles

1st Club 7th Federation Reed 1,401b 122 Miles

1st Club 13th Fed Jubilee Park 2,420b 98 Miles

1st Club 17th Fed Billericay 1,697b 154 Miles

1st Club 17th Fed Jubilee Park 2,781b 98 Miles

1st Club 20th Fed Reed 2,873b 122 Miles

1st Club 46th Fed Battle 2,328b 202 Miles

Wild Wind sire of New Euro winner of

1st Combine

6th Combine 4,870 birds

15th Combine 2,391 birds

19th Fed 1,197 birds

New Euro sire of winners incl

Dark Euro winner of

2 x 1st Fed in 2014

New Euro g.sire of Dark Redemption

winner of 1st Combine etc

Wild Wind sire of

The Wind Of Change Winner of

1st Sleaford 2,037 birds

Wild Wind g.g.sire of

Mighty Thunder winner of
1st Open Welsh Nat Maidstone 1,140b 25/08/18

G.G.Sire; Belg00-6549276

Vader Den Euro
Sire of Den Euro Winner of
1st International Acepigeon Western Nations Cup SD
1st Nat Acepigeon De Reisduif 2003 Young Birds
1st Nat Acepigeon Ave Regina 2003 Young Birds
1st Quievrain against 2,687 birds
1st Quievrain against 2,516 birds
2nd Quievrain against 4,924 birds
4th Quievrain against 2,120 birds

G.G.Dam;  Belg00-6141430

Moeder Euro

Dam of Den Euro

Half-sister to Wonderaske winner of

1st Nat Ace Pigeon Regina 2001

1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Antwerp 2001

1st Nat Ace Pigeon Duivensalon Middle Distane 2001

1st Bourges 1,347b

2nd Bourges 5,719b

2nd Dourdan 1,866b

3rd Orleans 1,422b

14th Bourges 42,763b

15th Orleans 10,034b

29th Dourdan 2,051b

103rd Qui 1,611b

G.Dam; Belg10-6221148

Euro Lady
Premier Heremans

Top racer

Winner of over 20 prizes as a YB & Yearling

1st Vierzon, 55th Prov

1st Argenton, 234th Prov

3rd Bourges, 116th Prov, 258th Nat 20,284 birds

53rd Prov Nevers

196th Prov Orleans

Now breeding winners at Premier Stud

Dam, g.dam, g.g.dam of over 20 x 1st Fed winners

G.G.Sire; Belg07-6390550



Fantastic breeding son of the legendary

De Jan winner of 6 x 1st Prizes x Sister Natalie
Natalia winner of
1st Ace Pigeon M/Long Distance Ylg Union Antwerp 2004.
Express sire, g.sire of many winners

over five generations including 
1st N E H U Nat Eastbourne 12,050 birds In 2014

G.G.Dam; NL07-1370888


Heremans & Ceusters 
From Den Euro and a dtr of Olympiade 003
Dam, g.dam of many winners over five
generations including 

1st N E H U National Eastbourne 12,050 birds in 2014

Dam; SK01009-16-1136

Olympiade Emma

One of the best Heremans-Ceusters racers in

Europe 2016

Olympiade Bird Brussels 2017

Winner of

2nd Nat ace young birds 2016

1st Mezirci 2,242b 189km

1st Humpolec 1,994b 242km

2nd Mezirici 1,850b 189km

The first bird bred from her in 2018 was sold to

Mick Jarvis and is a 1st prize winner.

G.Sire; DV0824-11-385



Double Grandson Olympiade 003

Sire to Olympiade Emma

Olympiad ace Young birds Brussels 2017

2nd Nat ace young birds 2016

1st 2,242 birds 189 km

1st 1,994 birds 242 km

1st 1,850 birds 189 km

Also sire of

2nd Nat Ace YB 2013

4th Nat Ace 2016

G.G.Sire; Belg08-6385535

Brother Safier & Sprinter


Son of Olympiade 003 x Tongerke

Brother to Safier

De Safier cock of the famous De Safier Couple

The De Safier couple sold for 270,000 Euros

De Safier is sire of

Surprise winner of

1st Noyon 1,250 birds

1st Noyon 288 birds

1st Noyon 61 birds

2nd Noyon 721 birds

2nd Noyon 265 birds

2nd Noyon 131 birds

3rd Noyon 240 birds

5th Noyon 873 birds

Son Safier 076

1st Quiévrain 411 birds

1st Quiévrain 307 birds

2nd Quiévrain 525 birds

3rd Quiévrain 331 birds

De Safier is grandsire of

Kleine Blauwe winner of

12th National Ace sprint KBDB

1st Noyon 1,174 birds

1st Noyon 634 birds

1st Noyon 301 birds

1st Noyon 243 birds

1st Noyon 191 birds

3rd Noyon 606 birds

4th Noyon 222 birds

5th Noyon 560 birds

8th Noyon 1.839 birds

G.G.Dam; Belg09-6269285

The Olympress

Dam of winners

Dtr of Olympiade 003

G.dtr of Den As

Olympiade 003 winner of

1st Olympiade Pigeon Lievin 2002

2nd Nat Ace Pigeon KBDB Snelheid 2002

2nd Olympiade Pigeon Belgium 2005 vitesse

1st Quivrain 390 birds 
1st Noyon 193 birds 
2nd Noyon 1,242 birds 
2nd Noyon 485 birds 
3rd Noyon 1,322 birds 
4th Noyon 873 birds 
4th Noyon 454 birds 
5th Quivrain 265 birds

Olympiade 003 is responsible for generations

of winning birds including

1st NPO Peronne tegen 13.203 birds

1st Nat. Mantes la Jolie tegen 12.999 birds

1st NPO Chateaudun tegen 8.855 birds

1st Tullamore tegen 8.822 birds

1st Strombeek tegen 8.000 birds

1st Mantes la Jolie tegen 7.911 birds

1st Pommeroeul tegen 7.262 birds

1st Sens tegen 6.400 birds

Olympiade 003 is sire of Jackpot & g.sire of

Di Caprio winner of

1st Quievrain 1928b
1st Quievrain 1580b
1st Quievrain 1278b
3rd Quievrain 1267b
3rd Quievrain 658b
8th Quievrain 2622b
10th Quievrain 851b
12th Quiervrain 1583b

G.Dam; DV0824-11-413

Inbred Janet


Dam of many winners incl

to Olympiade Emma

Olympiad ace Young birds Brussels 2017

2nd Nat ace young birds 2016

1st 2,242 birds 189 km

1st 1,994 birds 242 km

1st 1,850 birds 189 km

Inbred Janet is from a Brother to

De Jan x Sister to De Jan pairing

De Jan winner of

1st Nat. ace bird speed AVE Regina 2002

1st Nat. ace bird Duivenkrant 2002

2nd Nat. ace bird AVE Regina 2003

2nd Nat. ace bird speed AVE Regina 2004

6x 1st Quievrain

De Jan responsible for generations of

top racers & breeders

G.G.Sire; Belg07-6371016

Brother Jan

Brother to De Jan legendary racer & breeder

G.G.Dam; Belg05-6045484

Sister Gold Rush

Sister to De Jan & Gold Rush

Gold Rush

Dam of many winners including

Queen Of France winner of

1st Combine Arras 292 miles 1,882 birds,

1st Combine Clermont 347 miles 1,348 birds

1st National Ace bird RPRA 2014

Also dam of

1st WDA Nat Eastbourne 6,266 birds 2015

for P Simpson

Also 1st Section MNFC Vire in 2017

Nestmate of Gold Rush is First Class who has also bred many winners incl

1st NW Combine Yeovil 6,728 birds